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Our crew at Fundumbementals has taken on the exploding genre of Afro Beat to bring you a creator kit for exploration and inspiration. Deconstruct or Reconstruct it in any way possible. Get the pack and join the conversation. 

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Breaking Things Down to the Fundamental Level Unlocks Understanding

Fundamental questions like; What is "MIDI"?, How do I use EQ?, What is the difference between a Compressor and a Limiter?,  Or how do I make a song feel a certain way?  All these questions and many more are explored on this site.

Your Guides 

Garey Kennebrew

A music industry and digital production veteran with deep knowledge of the technology, tools, and creative process. He has produced a large list of notable artists and projects and created his own large libraries of digital music and sound designs. Considered to be a digital sage by many, Garey Shares his wisdom with up-and-coming creators.

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Sheldon Callahan

A musician and multi-hyphenated creator, he creates realistic digital compositions, seamlessly blending the electronic and organic. He has written hundreds of songs in almost every genre and loves to share with other creators techniques and tips on how to improve their productions and compositions. Song Writer, Composer, Midi Programmer.

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